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Welcome to AIDA Academy of Egyptian Dance, the home of authentic bellydance offering high-quality dance classes for all levels- from inspiring the novice to mentoring and empowering the professional by accomplished bellydance performer and master teacher Virginia Masri. 

With over 20 years experience, the Academy is renowned locally and internationally for its dedication to cultivating the highest standard of cultural awareness, integrity, the significance of heritage, and exceptional technique whilst maintaining study in a fun, positive environment.

Virginia is a highly respected and sought after teacher and performer often described as "the real thing" by her peers and audiences alike, famous for her authentic smooth, elegant Egyptian style. A consummate professional with a passion for authentic bellydance that has has lead to an enduring and successful career both in Australia and abroad in five star dance contracts, long term dance residencies and teaching advanced level workshops in choreography, Egyptian technique and stylisation. 



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